Why Do Glasses Make My Eyes Look Smaller?

Do you want to know why glasses make my eyes look smaller? That could be because of the kind of lenses you’re choosing and your prescription. In fact, there are a few key factors you should be aware of that might help your eyes appear larger. So let’s get right in and learn everything there is to know about this!

Why do glasses make my eyes look smaller?

When you realize that, when wearing glasses, your eyes appear smaller than they would otherwise be. You might be asking, then, why do my eyes look smaller when I wear glasses? Let’s examine the reasons behind this:

Actually, nearsightedness causes distant objects to appear blurry, whereas nearby objects are typically seen clearly. To solve that visual issue, you need negative power lens glasses.

The negative power lenses generally make things appear smaller. This suggests that the greater your prescription, the smaller your eyes will appear via spectacles.

With such spectacles with negative lenses, the eyes don’t really get smaller—they merely appear smaller. Thus, you shouldn’t be concerned about the problem, it’s only the appearance brought on by the spectacles.

What should you do to make your eyes look bigger?

After learning the answer to the question, “Why do glasses make my eyes look smaller?,” you’re undoubtedly searching for solutions to make your eyes look bigger. To do that, just take into account the following factors that make your eyes appear larger:

1. Choose right frame size and shape

Your appearance is greatly affected by the type of frame you select. Thus, take into account selecting the appropriate frame shape and size for your face. Experts advise choosing thin, tiny frames because bigger, thicker ones actually make your eyes appear smaller. This is how having the right frame size enlarges your eyes.

Instead of grabbing the largest size, choose a frame that highlights your eyes and face. Here’s how to pick the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape.

2. Go for thinner lenses

Prior to now, only thicker lenses were available, particularly for high prescription powers. However, too much progress has been made in this area lately, so ask for thinner lenses. Because that will undoubtedly have a significant impact. That may cost extra, but it will help your eyes look more prominent or bigger with glasses.

3. Choose good-quality lenses

Aside from selecting the appropriate frame and thinner lenses, the type of lenses you select also matters. Thus, always choose high-quality lenses, and make sure you purchase them from a reliable source. A thorough understanding of the lenses and asking questions are important when making a purchase. You can receive anything you desire according to your demands if you are aware of it and use a little caution.

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4. Switch to contacts

If you find that wearing glasses does make your eyes look smaller, you can also switch to contacts. This is just one of the finest ways to make your eyes look more prominent. Because contacts make your eyes appear as they are, neither larger nor smaller than they naturally are. Apart from that, it gives you easy movement accessibility, makes you appear even more attractive, and much more.

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5. Do makeup the right way

Once more, the kind of eye makeup you wear affects how your eyes look. Just use natural and light eyeshadows rather than darker ones. On the waterline, use a white pencil. And apply soft eyeliner and mascara to complete the look and put on concealer to hide any dark circles. Makeup like that makes your eyes stand out, even when you wear glasses.

Final words:

People who are nearsighted may see their eyes as being smaller when wearing spectacles. This is because when you use a negative power lens to treat nearsightedness, your eyes appear smaller than usual. Basically, the problem is limited to appearance.

But if you’re concerned about how your eyes will look in glasses, make sure you know the solutions, which include choosing the right kind and size of frame, choosing thinner or better lenses, switching to contacts, and even picking up some makeup tips. This is all you can do to emphasize your eyes.

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