How To Select The Right Eye Glasses For Your Face Shape

To enhance your looks, it’s important to learn how to select the right eye glasses for your face shape. That’s what this article helps you with.

There are thousands of frames available in stores or even online, making it difficult to choose the perfect one. Well, you can pick whichever you want if you just want to wear it. But if you want one that complements your face and enhances your looks, you should choose wisely. And believe me, that actually makes a big difference.

Therefore, after determining your face shape, you should choose the one that best suits you. That’s what this article helps you with in detail, i.e., how to select the right eye glasses for your face shape.

So let’s dive in to explore!


You should be aware of your face type in order to select the perfect frame. Now let’s talk about the various face shapes and the glasses that go well with them:

Square face

A square face has the same width for the forehead and cheekbones, as well as a distinct and sharp jawline. Its features are angular, and its forehead is wide. This is the appearance of a square face. Now, in order to select the ideal pair of glasses, make sure the frame shape contrasts with this shape. That means all you need to do to enhance your appearance is go for wider and rounded frames, because this softens the facial angles.

If you have a square face, like Angeline Jolie and Demi Moore (two celebrities), choose wider, rounded glasses to enhance your personality. Additionally, picking neutral frame colors is a good idea because they will make your face appear soft and slim.

Round face

A round face has a rounded jawline, full cheeks, and the same length and width. Its features lack sharp angles and are essentially symmetrical and softer. Therefore, avoid choosing glasses with frames that match the shape of your face when choosing the ideal pair for people with rounded faces. Since it downplays your personality and gives the appearance that your face is more rounded. Choosing square and rectangular frames will therefore make your face appear longer and slimmer.

Therefore, if you have a round face, just like Selena Gomez and Michelle Williams (two celebrities), choose square or rectangular glasses to enhance your personality. Additionally, choose a bold frame with vibrant colors to give your face more definition.

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Oval face

An oval face features high cheekbones, a narrow chin and a narrow forehead. Its nearly perfect proportions make it an ideal face shape. Basically, this is a round-featured, long face. Amazingly, almost every style of glass looks great on an oval face. Therefore, you can choose from wider frames that have a square, circular, or even cat-eye shape. Just be cautious when selecting the large frames, as this might break off the symmetry of the oval face.

Thus, if your face is oval, like Emma Watson and Gigi Hadid (two celebrities), you can experiment with various colored and shaped frames. Generally speaking, though, round and thin frames highlight your best features the most. This is how to select the right eye glasses for your face shape.

Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face features a prominent chin, high cheekbones, and a broad forehead. In order to contrast these features, select the frame that gives the appearance of a narrower forehead and a wider chin. To achieve this, just pick frames that are wider than your forehead, as this will help to create a more symmetrical appearance for your face. You can choose from round, square, rectangular, or cat-eye frames for this.

This suggests that if you have a heart-shaped face, like Nick Jonas and Halle Berry (two celebrities), you should choose frames wider than your forehead. Furthermore, you look best in soft-color frames with little detailing.

Diamond-shaped face

Lastly, let’s talk about the diamond-shaped faces, as they are the rarest. This face shape features a smaller forehead and chin, along with prominent cheekbones. And that has parallel and narrow eyes. Simply choose frames with wide rims that are angular in order to soften and contrast the prominent features. To balance out the full cheeks, it’s a good idea to go with these frames rather than narrow ones. Choose heavy-top, half-rimmed glasses to look more fashionable.

Therefore, if you have a diamond-shaped face like Ryan Reynolds or Viola Davis, two famous people, you should get wide, half-rimmed glasses that are either square or rectangular in shape. Try it on! These frames look great on you!

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Now that you know which style of glasses best fits your face shape, let’s give you some more advice on selecting the right frame. For that, consider the following points:

  • You should also look for a try-on tool when purchasing glasses online. If the site provides, then why not?
  • Make sure the glasses you purchase online fit you properly by making sure they are the right size.
  • Select a frame color that goes with your hair color and skin tone.
  • Just pick a frame style that works for the atmosphere in which you plan to wear it—for example, stylish for a night out with friends or decent for the workplace.
  • Additionally, you should choose unbreakable and flexible frames if you have a field or active job. On the other hand, you should choose one that is light and comfortable if you plan to use it for extended hours.

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