How To Care For Your Glasses

You wear glasses to read or to see clearly, right? Therefore, if they are neglected, they become dusty, smudgy, or even scratchy, which will impair vision clarity. And, of course, good glasses are costly as well. Thus, it’s important to learn how to care for your glasses.

You’ve undoubtedly spent a lot of time selecting the ideal frame and color. So, don’t you want to use these glasses for longer? Well, that’s why it’s so important to take proper care of your glasses, including how to clean them and maintaining their general condition. You can get help with everything related to this from this article, so read through to the end!


Cleaning tips to take care of your glasses

1. Clean your glasses regularly

Before cleaning your glasses, you should first wash and thoroughly dry your hands. In fact, this lessens the chance that your hands will leave any dust or oil on the glasses. It’s time to rinse the lenses with regular water to get rid of any last bits of dust. Never skip this step and immediately begin wiping your lenses with a cloth because the tiny dust particles could scratch them.

Therefore, whenever you clean your lenses, always wash them in plain water (or warm water) and then allow them to air dry. After that, thoroughly clean the glasses with a microfiber cloth and a good lens cleaner. Just follow these instructions and give your glasses regular cleanings to prevent scratches for longer.

2. Use only a microfiber cloth

The type of cloth you use to clean your lenses can make a big difference in whether or not scratches develop on the lenses. Therefore, avoid cleaning your lenses with tissues, handkerchiefs, napkins, or the tail of your shirt (or t-shirt), as they may scratch your lenses.

Just remember to clean them with a microfiber cloth at all times, according to experts. Because that helps in properly cleaning the lenses without transferring any dust particles or lint. And that also avoids scratching the lenses.

3. Hold glasses properly while cleaning

Mishandling the glasses or applying excessive pressure when cleaning them could result in unintentional damage to the eyewear. Thus, when cleaning the glasses, take care to hold them properly. The bridge, or the middle portion of the glasses, is the ideal place to hold them. This provides superior grip and even helps you clean the lenses without touching them. Also, apply gentle pressure for cleaning to prevent breaking the glasses.

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4. Never use saliva or a chemical-based cleaner

Some people use saliva to get rid of a tiny smudge on their lenses. However, it can spread bacteria from your mouth to your glasses, irritating your eyes. Therefore, never clean the lenses with saliva.

Additionally, some people may clean their lenses with window or household cleaners, but these contain chemicals and may damage the coating on your lenses. Thus, never, ever use cleaners that contain chemicals.

Cleaning your glasses with special lens cleaners is always advised since it keeps the lens coating intact and helps get rid of any smudges.

5. Keep your fingers away from the lenses

Just avoid touching the lenses repeatedly, and keep your fingers away from them. Because of this, your lenses may remain smudged and dirty. Therefore, give up touching your lenses every time you handle or remove them. Just use this general cleaning advice to take care of your glasses. Because you can keep your glasses in good condition and use them for longer if you take better care of them.

Other general tips to take care of your glasses

1. Keep your glasses in a hard case

Placing your glasses here and there increases the likelihood of accidental damage in addition to wear and tear. It’s always a good idea to keep your glasses in a case, especially when not in use, to prevent such things. Ensure that you purchase a sturdy case that offers adequate protection in the event that it falls to the ground.

Although it may seem like a simple tip to take care of your glasses, doing so can safeguard them from unintentional damage. This even makes it easier to travel with your eyewear because it keeps it from breaking or scratching.

2. Don’t leave glasses in the car

Yes, you read it right. Another important tip for taking care of your glasses is to never leave them in the car, particularly in the summer. Let’s talk about the reason why: The car actually becomes too hot in the summer, and this could permanently damage the glasses. Due to the higher cost of a designer pair of glasses, be extra careful about where and how to place them.

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3. Stop taking off the glasses with just one hand

The arms of the glasses can become misaligned when removed with only one hand, increasing the possibility of crooked glasses. Thus, always remove your glasses with both hands to avoid such wear and tear. And when it rests on your table, be sure to close its arms while resting. This will undoubtedly prolong the lifespan and maintain the frame’s durability. The longevity of your glasses will increase as you take better care of them.

4. Avoid resting your glasses on your head

It’s common for people to place their glasses on their heads. To be honest, this raises the possibility of unintentional damage from falls in addition to causing damage to the frame. When the glasses are no longer needed, putting them back in their case is the best way to store them. These are very basic tips that are mostly ignored because of carelessness. Thus, to prolong the lifespan of your glasses, handle them carefully.


It’s important to maintain the condition of your eyewear in addition to ensuring that you can see clearly through it. You can prolong its durability and stop wear and tear damage with minimal knowledge and by following the right instructions. You should always use a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses, avoid using chemical-based cleaners or saliva, and clean them on a regular basis.

Additionally, instead of storing it here and there, make sure to place it in hard case when no longer needed. Above all, don’t ever leave your glasses inside your car on hot summer days. So just use these tips to get stylish and see clearly through your favorite pair of glasses.

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