How To Adjust Your Eye Glasses For A Perfect Fit

Not comfortable with the fitting of your glasses? You should learn how to adjust your eye glasses for a perfect fit.

Well, if you wear glasses frequently, you are probably aware of how annoying it is when they slide down your nose or pinch it. But there is nothing to worry about. It only takes a little adjusting to the frame to get these common spectacle fitting issues to fit perfectly. And, whether you purchase new glasses or use the old ones, you may need to make adjustments.

So, let me help you with this: This article provides detailed instructions on how to adjust your eye glasses for a perfect fit, including how to correct nose pinches and adjust them if they’re too tight, too loose, or even crooked.

Now, let’s get into it!

How to adjust your eye glasses for a perfect fit: DIY instructions

Not only can ill-fitting glasses cause discomfort and annoyance, but they can also negatively affect your confidence and vision. That’s the reason it’s a genuine issue that requires attention. Here, you can find DIY instructions for adjusting nose pads, tight or loose glasses, and even crooked glasses. Take a look at the list below:

How to adjust the nose pads

The positioning of the nose pads has a major impact on how the glasses fit. Due to an imperfect nose pad fit, you either experience nose pinching or sliding down your glasses, depending on whether they’re tight or loose.

Now, look at the following instructions to make the adjustment of the nose pads:

  • If the nose pads are tight, it pinches the nose and even leaves marks. In that case, simply push them a little outward.
  • And if the nose pads are loose, it makes the glasses slide down your nose. In that case, simply push them a little inward.

Metal frames have adjustable nose pads, which you can easily adjust. On the other hand, most plastic frames have an in-built, non-adjustable molded bridge, so you can’t adjust them. But some plastic frames come with nose pads, which you can adjust. This implies that if your glasses include nose pads, which are usually adjustable, you can easily adjust for a perfect fit.

Eyeglasses are delicate, so make sure to make any kind of adjustment with gentle pressure to avoid breaking the frame.

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How to adjust the loose glasses

If your glasses are too loose and slide down all day, they need to be tightened from the temple tips or the nose pads. To tighten the nose pad, you can follow the instructions discussed above. And the instructions to tighten temple tips are listed below:

  • Hold the tip of the right temple and apply light pressure to slightly bend it downward.
  • Next, repeat the same method on the left side of the temple tip.

The temple tips of your glasses’ metal frame are simple to adjust. On the other hand, since plastic frames are more likely to break during any adjustments, you shouldn’t attempt this on them. However, you should get the professional’s help to make any adjustments to your plastic glasses frame—or any other delicate glasses frame.

Pro Tip:

It’s even better to adjust temple tips by soaking them in warm water for a mere 30 seconds, after which you should gently press the tips to ensure a perfect fit.

How to adjust the tight glasses

If your glasses are tight and hurting all day, they need to loosen from the temple tips or the nose pads. Again, to loosen the nose pad, follow the instructions as discussed above (how to adjust nose pads). And to loosen the temple tips, look at the following instructions:

  • Hold the tip of the right temple and apply gentle pressure to slightly bend it upward.
  • Again, repeat the same for the left side of the temple tip.

After making a slight adjustment, wear it to confirm if it fits perfectly. If not, repeat the same process again. But if your glasses need more adjustment, it’s always best to get it done by the professionals.

How to adjust the crooked glasses

We refer to glasses that appear crooked when they don’t appear straight—that is, when they appear high at one end and low at the other. In this case, the eyeglasses’ arms need adjustment for a perfect fit. Refer to the following guidelines to adjust crooked eye glasses for a perfect fit:

  • Determine which temple needs to be adjusted first. To do this, set the eyeglasses down on a level surface, the bottom of the rim touching, with the temples open.
  • Bend the temple tip downward if it is not touching the surface.
  • Additionally, try bending the opposite temple upwards if any of the rims are raised above the surface.

Once more, you can ease the adjustment process by dipping the temples in warm water for just a 30-second period before making any adjustments.

You can attempt self-adjusting glasses that are slightly crooked, but only with light pressure. However, in order to prevent breaking the frame, please reach out to a professional, especially if you find it difficult to adjust.

Tips to consider on how to adjust your eye glasses for a perfect fit

  • To ensure the ideal fit and prevent breaking the frame, always gently adjust your spectacles.
  • To make the adjustment easier, you can dip your temples in warm water, but never use a hair dryer or hot water.
  • Furthermore, 30 seconds is more than enough to dip the temple of the glasses. Don’t go below that limit.
  • Additionally, you can use an eyeglass repair kit to swap out any lost screws or nose pads.
  • You can attempt to make minor adjustments to your glasses yourself if necessary. However, it is best to reach out to a professional if your glasses need major adjustments.
  • It’s possible that the experts will adjust for too little or almost nothing.

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