What To Do If Your Glasses Break

Using glasses for a while but ending up breaking them? Don’t be stressed out! This article guides you through what to do if your glasses break.

When your glasses break, it hurts a lot, especially if you rely on them for clear vision. “Can it be fixed now?” or “Do I need to get a new pair?” is an additional worry. I know buying new glasses can be costly, and we understand the juggling going on in your mind. To tell the truth, though, there are times when it can be easily fixed, saving you the expense of purchasing a new one. But when the damage is severe, you have to buy a new one. 

To get clarity on what to do if your glasses break and some quick fixes, read this article till the end. Now let’s get started!

What to do if your glasses break

First of all, assess the glasses’ damage. This helps in determining whether or not the damage is repairable. Because if it’s repairable, such as when a screw comes loose or a lens falls out of its frame, you can either fix it yourself or visit a specialist for repair. And if it’s not repairable, you have to buy a new one.

Let’s dive in to find out how to fix broken glasses when they’re repairable and what to do if your glasses break but are not repairable!

Tips to fix broken glasses (when they’re repairable)

If the broken glasses are repairable, you have two options: you can fix them with a specialist or by yourself. If you decide to fix it yourself, proceed with extreme caution. Otherwise, you’ll break it even more.

Look at the following points for quick fixes:

1. Arm comes off

If the arm of your glasses comes off, there may be a missing screw that’s responsible. So, all you have to do is screw it. If, however, the screw is in its proper position and the arm comes out of the glasses, you should see a specialist, they might replace the broken arm with a new one.

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2. Nose pad comes off

You shouldn’t be too concerned if the nose pad comes off because it only needs minor repairs. It is simple to do on your own; all you have to do is pop it. It is also possible to replace the nose pads by simply popping out the old ones and popping in the new ones. That’s how simple it is.

But you must see a specialist for repair if the U-shape of the nose pads falls off. They provide you with better guidance if that needs to be fixed or if the frame needs to be changed after examining your eyeglasses. This is what you should do when your glasses break.

3. Glass comes off the frame

If glass comes off the plastic frame, it is easy to repair. Simply place it close to the frame and gently press it back into place. However, if it’s the metal frame, a loose screw causes it to come off. To ensure a correct fit, insert the glass into the frame and tighten the screw. Avoid tightening the screw too much, as this may crack the glass.

An eyeglass repair kit is a good idea because it comes with tweezers, nose pads, screwdriver sets, and other tools. And that simplifies the process of doing repairs by yourself. But if you are unsure or incapable of doing the repair yourself, it’s best to have it done by a specialist. Because they can fix it for very little money and effort.

What to do when the broken glasses are not repairable…

When the damage is severe, most likely, it cannot be repaired. And you have to buy the new glasses.

Let’s learn what to do when the frames or glasses break:

1. Frame breaks

Many people wonder if they can use glue to fix a broken frame. No, you shouldn’t try to fix your broken frame with glue. You won’t be able to use the glasses conveniently, as that jams the part. Furthermore, that voids the warranty of your glasses, assuming there is one.

And many people also want to know if they can use the same lenses in new frames after their frame breaks. I have a good reason why I would not advise doing this, though. Your old glasses’ lenses were cut to fit the old frame, so the new frame will not fit it correctly.

Additionally, it might require additional cutting to fix, which might not line up with your pupil. And that results in eye strain.

However, if, luckily, you get the same frame as the broken one and your glasses are in perfect condition, then I advise you to just change the frame.

2. Lenses break

You just need to replace the lenses if the frame is in perfect condition and the lenses are the only ones that broke. To do that, go see an optician and get a new lens for your frame.

Conclusion on what to do if your glasses break:

If your glasses break, first examine the damage to see if it’s repairable or not. If repairable, you can either do it by yourself or visit a specialist for the repair.

But for any kind of damage, I always advise you to see a specialist because, if repairable, that is the safest option for doing it. In the event that it is unfixable, they recommend an option that best fits your budget.

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