Flat Glasses Benefits

Although curved lenses have been in use for quite a while, flat lenses are becoming more popular these days. This may be a new term to you. Thus, educate yourself about flat glasses and the benefits they provide.

Realizing how popular flat glasses are, it makes sense to learn about their benefits. After learning, you may then make an easy decision about whether or not to pursue these.

It’s a good idea to check for fashionable lenses when considering a new pair of glasses. However, one should never follow a trend blindly.

So before making a choice, educate yourself about all fashionable lenses, including flat lenses. This helps you figure out whether they are worth trying or merely hype.

Now let’s learn about flat glasses and their benefits!

Flat glasses and their benefits

Let’s first examine what flat glasses are and how they differ from curved ones before moving on to their benefits.

What are flat glasses?

Flat glasses are the ones with flat lenses. And these flat lenses are similar to all other types of lenses—with one exception: they are not curved like traditional curved lenses. They are just a little curved, making them nearly flat. Considering the increasing popularity of flat glasses, it is wise to consider their benefits before making a purchase.

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How are they different from curved glasses?

Traditional curved glasses have curved lenses and a large base curve radius (BCR) of 4. Flat glasses, on the other hand, have a low BCR of 0 and have flat lenses. Despite being specified as 0, it’s a bit curved. This is how flat glasses and regular glasses are different.

If you’re not into flat or curved glasses, there’s still another option: semi-flat glasses. These glasses are positioned in between the other two and have BCR 2.

Actually, the BCR value helps define the curve of the lens. The BCR number increases with the curve. Now you can choose the one you want.

Flat glasses benefits

The benefits of flat lenses are:

  • They are quite thin.
  • They are lightweight.
  • There is no spherical aberration in them.

Considering the benefits they offer, it’s no surprise that flat lenses are so popular these days. However, choose high-quality flat lenses with a lightweight frame to make your flat glasses comfortable.

One thing to keep in mind is that since flat lenses don’t fit into any kind of frame, you’ll need to purchase flat frames if you want to try them.

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Flat glasses or curved glasses: which provides better vision?

Having the right prescription is the most crucial step toward better vision. However, the type, quality, and other characteristics of the lenses you use can also have an impact.

Although most individuals choose flat glasses purely for aesthetic reasons (without being aware of their benefits), they do affect your eyesight. In general, flat glasses offer better vision compared to curved ones.

Pro tip: Take comfort and quality into account in addition to style while selecting any type of glasses, including flat ones.

End words:

Since flat glasses are in style, feel free to test them. You can choose the one that best fits the shape of your face because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Additionally, flat lenses with anti-glare or anti-scratch properties are available for flat glasses. It’s an excellent idea to try it out because there are a lot of options, and you don’t even have to sacrifice in any way.

When the benefits of flat glasses are taken into account, they are considerably better than traditional curved glasses. So get one and enjoy your new look.

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