Can Old Glasses Make You Dizzy?

You may experience headaches and dizziness after wearing old glasses for a while. And that’s why the question “Can old glasses make you dizzy?” is frequently asked. Let’s read this article to find out the answer!

Can Old Glasses Make You Dizzy?

Yes, old glasses can make you dizzy. Your outdated glasses may be the cause of any uncomfortable symptoms you are experiencing. Although not the sole cause of these symptoms, old glasses are unquestionably a major factor. Thus, consider your glasses first before considering any other eye problems.

How do old glasses make you dizzy?

Actually, scratches on the old glasses or the outdated prescription are to blame for the eye strain instead of the old glasses. And prolonged eye strain causes symptoms like headaches, nausea, vertigo, and dizziness.

When do you need a new pair of glasses?

One pair of glasses is not enough to last a lifetime. Your glasses prescription has to be adjusted in accordance with any changes in your eyesight. Even if you don’t have any symptoms or discomfort, you should generally have an eye exam every two years.

Let’s come back to the point: one of the primary causes of eye strain is wearing old prescription glasses, which may be the cause of your headache, blurry vision, and dizziness.

In short, when your old glasses make you dizzy, you most probably need new glasses with a new prescription.

The following is a list of signs that you need new glasses:

1. Blurry vision

If, even with your glasses on, you are still experiencing unclear vision, you should see an eye doctor. As it suggests, you definitely need new prescription glasses. Don’t be lenient. Because if you ignore the symptoms (like feeling dizzy, lightheadedness, or blurred vision) you experience, most likely because of your old glasses, they could worsen. So make an appointment now, and trust the doctor.

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2. Headache

You should definitely get your eyes checked if you use your old glasses and develop headaches. You most likely require a new prescription. Since one of the biggest causes of eye strain, which in turn causes headaches, is wearing the wrong prescription glasses. An optometrist reveals to you if that’s the reason or any other cause for your headache.

3. Dizziness

Vertigo and eye strain can result from wearing the incorrect prescription and any form of scratch on outdated glasses. Therefore, when your old glasses make you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or have difficulty focusing, you most probably need a new pair of glasses with a modified prescription.

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4. Squinting

Squinting when reading or staring at objects is a sign of refractive problems. This indicates that you probably need new prescription glasses because the refractive error grade has changed. To put it briefly, if you squint or have trouble focusing, you probably need new glasses to replace your old ones.

5. Eye strain

If you wear old glasses and get eye strain, it can be from scratches on the old lenses or a change in prescription. Just have your eyes examined; you probably need new prescription glasses. Because your symptoms will get worse if you neglect them.

In addition to these symptoms, you will definitely need a new pair of glasses if you break your old ones. Never take a chance on lens breaking of any form since it could cause severe strain to your eyes. Thus, it’s best to buy new glasses because old, broken ones can cause vertigo and make you feel dizzy and lightheaded.

End Verdict:

Old glasses with an old prescription can cause vertigo. So if you experience any uncomfortable symptoms, you should get your eyes tested and get new glasses with a revised prescription. Experts advise testing your eyes every two years in general. Your eye health is so valuable, don’t ignore it.

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