How To Carry Reading Glasses

Do you rely on glasses for reading? That means you have to bring it with you wherever you go, right? So learn how to carry reading glasses properly to avoid breaking or scratching them.

Carrying reading glasses can be challenging because they are commonly scratched up. This might be because you’re not carrying them the right way. If you also find it difficult or get scratches on them while doing so, this article is for you. It basically explains how to carry reading glasses in the right way and some pro tips, so continue reading till the end.

So let’s get into it!

How to carry your reading glasses

One benefit of reading glasses is that, in comparison to regular glasses or sunglasses, they are relatively small. That indicates that, with a little caution, they are manageably portable.

And the fact that you cannot wear reading glasses all the time is a drawback. You need a suitable place to store them because you will need to wear them and take them off multiple times.

By considering both aspects, let’s learn how to carry your reading glasses the right way:

1. Sturdy case

One of the best and safest ways to carry reading glasses is in a hard case. Because that provides full protection from any kind of damage. In fact, some people prefer not to travel with a hard case because they think it adds bulk and weight.

To be honest, as reading glasses are small, so is their case. Additionally, there are many small and lightweight hard cases available on the market for reading glasses, so invest in a good one to carry them conveniently.

2. Soft but padded pouches

Although carrying your reading glasses in a pouch requires more care than carrying them in a hard case, it is still an option. Using pouches is a great way to prevent your glasses from scratching if you put them in the same pocket as other items. To put it briefly, it protects the glasses from scratches but not from breakage from heavy objects.

And for an added layer of safety, it’s recommended to use padded pouches. However, never forget that a hard case’s protection cannot be replaced by a pouch.

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3. Put it in the purse pocket

Certain handbags and purses have a specific spot for holding your glasses, which provides excellent protection and facilitates convenient carrying. If you currently own one of these purses or plan to purchase one, you should consider that option for bringing your reading glasses along. Additionally, to avoid scratches, it’s advisable to wrap your glasses in a soft cloth before putting them in your purse pocket.

You can make things easier to carry with you by thinking through your options. Therefore, learn more about these things so that you can enjoy a comfortable outdoor experience while keeping your belongings, such as your reading glasses, close at hand.

4. Use a neck chain to carry reading glasses

Some people prefer to carry their reading glasses on neck chains so they can always have them on hand. You could also consider this option to carry your glasses because it keeps them extremely close to your hands and doesn’t add much weight. It gives you a fashionable appearance, as it has interesting chain designs. So select the one that best suits your personality.

Another benefit is that it will not scratch the lenses until you strike something. So try it on and share your experience with your friends and family.

5. Upper pocket of the jacket

Additionally, you can keep your reading glasses in the upper pocket of your shirt or jacket, as this is the safest spot to carry them. And you won’t have to constantly look for your glasses when you need them. But to avoid scratching or breaking it, just be careful when bending or striking with objects.

Also, some people put their glasses in their pants pockets, which increases the risk of breaking them when bending or sitting. Therefore, never tuck your reading glasses into your jeans.

Pro tips:

  • Make sure to invest in high-quality products, whether it’s a reading glass case or a chain for carrying them. I’m sure you’ll never regret buying a high-quality product.
  • And, for more convenience, you can choose foldable reading glasses.
  • Mini keychain reading glasses and pen reading glasses are also available on the market, which are quite easy to carry. You can pick that up as well.

Final words on how to carry reading glasses:

You can conveniently and safely carry your reading glasses in this way. You can keep it anywhere if you just want to carry it. However, if you want to carry your reading glasses without risking any damage, just make the appropriate carrying decision. And reading this article will teach you that.

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