Can You Reuse Colored Contact Lenses?

Depending on the kind of lenses you have, the answer to the question “Can you reuse colored contact lenses?” will vary. That’s what this post helps you with.

Many people enjoy enhancing their appearances with colored contact lenses, particularly women. Therefore, if you’re considering wearing colored contacts, you should definitely find out if they can be reused and whether it’s safe to wear them every day.

Let’s dive in to get the answers to your queries, including some advice on how to safely store contact lenses!

Can you reuse colored contact lenses?

Yes, you can safely reuse colored contact lenses, except for the daily disposable ones. Because daily colored contacts are not meant to be reused.

Actually, the types of colored contacts you buy will determine how reusable they are. This implies that if you purchase daily contacts, you should throw them away after using them, even for a short while—perhaps an hour or two.

Thus, you can reuse them, depending on how long your contact lenses last. For example, you can use the monthly colored contacts for an entire month. In the same way, there are those that you can use quarterly and even yearly.

When reusing, it’s necessary to understand that reusing the lenses beyond the suggested time frame could endanger your eyes. Let’s look into those risks.

Risks if you reuse colored contacts beyond the recommended time frame

1. Irritation

Wearing contacts longer than is recommended can cause irritation, redness, and even a serious infection due to the buildup of deposits. The more you use after that, the more risk you take to your eyes.

2. Infection

Contacts used after the recommended time frame increase the risk of a serious eye infection due to the bacterial contamination. In certain extreme cases, it can result in blindness.

3. Corneal Abrasion

After the suggested time frame, the contacts become damaged. Furthermore, damaged contacts are more likely to move here and possibly cause corneal damage. In the worst scenario, a corneal abrasion may occur when the damaged contact breaks in the eye and causes scratches during removal. And that requires urgent medical attention.

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Therefore, the type of colored contact lenses you have will determine whether you can reuse them and for what time frame. Thus, always carefully read the label and don’t wear them after the suggested time frame.

One more point: disposable contacts don’t need to be stored because they’re meant to be disposed of; re-used contacts must be stored carefully to protect your eyes. 

Any negligence on the part of the wearer could result in an eye infection because contacts remain in your eyes for multiple hours. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how to store contact lenses safely, a topic we’ll cover in more detail later in this post.

Is it safe to wear colored contacts every day?

Many people I know have this question on their minds due to their obsession with colored contacts. The short answer is that wearing them every day is safe. But in order to wear them every day safely, you must take into account the following:

  • To find out if these colored contacts are right for you, it’s best to see an optician.
  • Make sure you only buy from reputable brands.
  • Ensure to store them properly.
  • After the suggested time, never use the colored contacts again.
  • Find out how to clean them properly.
  • Never, ever wear them while you sleep, not even for a quick nap.

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How long can you safely wear colored contact lenses?

Make sure you are aware of the recommended wearing time, which is approximately 12 hours per day, if you intend to wear them every day. The rest is dependent on how long these lenses don’t cause eye irritation.

Some people don’t feel any discomfort for 12 hours, but others whose eyes are sensitive begin to feel it within six to seven hours. Thus, it depends on your eye’s sensitivity.

This is how you can reuse colored contact lenses and safely wear them daily. Let’s now learn about a few helpful tips to store contact lenses safely.

Tips to safely store contact lenses

In order to be reused, colored contact lenses require proper cleaning and storage. Thus, follow the steps:

  • After washing your hands with soap, pat them dry.
  • Remove the colored lenses from your eyes, place them in your palm, and thoroughly rinse them with lens solution.
  • Now pour fresh lens solution into the lens case, insert the lenses on either side, and tighten the screw.
  • That must be soaked in it for at least six hours.
  • When you’re ready to wear them, wash your hands once more, clean the lenses with fresh solution, and insert them into your eyes.

Use fresh lens solution every time you clean and store your lenses.

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