Why Do My New Glasses Make Me Feel Cross Eyed?

When you use your new glasses, do you experience any discomfort, cross eyes, or double vision? It’s possible that your new spectacles are the cause of these symptoms. However, another question to put out is, “Why do my new glasses make me feel cross-eyed?”. This could be because your eyes need time to get used to the new prescription.

So let’s read the post to find out the answer in detail, which also provides answers to many of your other related concerns.

Do my new glasses make me feel cross eyed?

After wearing new glasses, many people report having double vision and cross eyed issues. Some people encounter these symptoms sometimes, while others do so more frequently. However, if you too experience similar feelings, don’t worry—just set your worries aside. Rather than worrying, you ought to be aware of the cause and how to resolve it.

Now let’s get going to know all about that!

Reasons why your new glasses make you feel cross eyed:

1. While getting adjusted to new spectacles

Your eyes get used to the prescription of your old glasses for an extended period of time. However, due to a sudden change in your prescription, you are getting new glasses with a revised prescription. Now, your brain and eyes are working hard to adjust to the new prescription, so in the meantime, you may experience double vision or cross eyes.

Thus, if it’s only a result of that change in prescription, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Once your eyes and brain adjust, the symptom of cross-eye due to new glasses will go away on its own.

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How long does it take for your eyes to adjust to new glasses?

Your eyes will often adjust to new glasses in just two to three days, so wear them more frequently and for longer periods of time. Because wearing it more often allows your eyes to adjust more quickly. However, it can occasionally take up to 10 days for new prescription glasses to fully adjust.

When uncomfortable symptoms arise, one of the commonest mistakes people make is to go back to wearing their previous prescription glasses. Never do that because you are truly confusing your brain and sight when you do it. As a result, the adjustment becomes considerably more challenging. Additionally, wearing the incorrect prescription glasses can worsen your eye health.

2. Some other reasons

In addition to the adjustment period, the following additional factors can also make you feel cross-eyed:

  • Cross-eye is also caused by any kind of modification to the curvature of the lens or, simply, a change in the design of the lens.
  • An uncomfortable sensation such as double vision or cross-eye can result from improper alignment of the lens with your pupil.
  • The fit of the frame is crucial. Therefore, after wearing new glasses, if your frame fit is off, you can get that cross-eyed problem (particularly if you wear progressive lenses).
  • It could be the result of another issue with your eyes.

What should I do to fix that cross-eyed issue due to new glasses?

After using your new glasses, if you feel cross-eyed or have any other discomfort symptoms,

  • Allowing yourself time to adjust is one of the first things you should do. Wearing your glasses more during the day will help your eyes adjust more quickly in the meantime.
  • Second, if your eye care specialist gives you instructions, obey them.
  • If you feel that your glasses are not fitting properly, see an eye specialist. Because an improper pair of glasses may also be the source of your cross-eyed problem.
  • Make an appointment with an optometrist if the cross-eyed condition continues.

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When to seek an optometrist’s advice

After wearing your new glasses for a week or two, if you still feel uncomfortable—for example, if you have double vision or are cross-eyed—you should get professional advice. Make an appointment right away to have your eyes and glasses examined. They offer you advice and the best option.

Just remember that persistent discomfort could indicate another problem with your eyes, so never be too lenient.

End verdict:

Unbelievably, more people ask questions like “Why do my new glasses make me feel cross eyed?” than you might think. Adjustment time may be one of the primary causes of this. Thus, you don’t have to worry. Instead, start wearing spectacles all day, these symptoms typically go away in just two to four days.

Aside from that, ensure that your glasses fit you correctly. But if you continue to have any discomfort, though, you should see an eye specialist. They let you know the reason, provide you with guidance, and give you the best advice.

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