How To Clean The Nose Pads Of Eye Glasses

Since the glasses are worn daily, there’s a greater chance that they may become greasy and dirty. This means that glasses need proper cleaning. But while cleaning glasses, nose pads are often overlooked. So you need to learn how to clean the nose pads of your eye glasses, because that is where dirt accumulates the most.

If you’re a regular glasses wearer, you definitely know how challenging it gets to clean the nose pads of the spectacles. Because it’s a bit difficult, it’s usually ignored until it gets too dirty. But I’ll help you with some simple ways to properly clean nose pads without removing them, as well as while removing them.

So let’s dive in to learn how to clean the nose pads of your eye glasses!


We provide two ways to clean the nose pads of your eyeglasses: the first is a quick and simple way, while the second is a detailed one that involves taking the nose pads off.

1. Simple and quick way to clean nose pads

Wash your hands

Whether you’re cleaning the nose pads, lenses, or frame of your glasses, always start with clean hands. Thus, it is less likely that dirt and grease from your hands will get onto the glasses. So, wash your hands well (with soap and water) and pat them dry.

Use alcohol wipes

Alcohol wipes work great for cleaning nose pads. So use these alcohol wipes to clean the nose pads from all sides, such as from the face and from the inner sides. They easily help remove any dirt, grease, or grime from the nose pads and help clean them in no time. You can easily get it from any pharmacy store nearby. But make sure to avoid rubbing these over lenses, as that might harm the coating of the lenses.

Dip your glasses in warm water

To remove any leftover dirt and grime, dip your spectacles in warm water for just 10–15 minutes. Although it’s optional, you can also add a few drops of gentle hand soap to it. This effectively sanitizes your eyeglasses, giving you clean lenses, frames, and nose pads.

Then, dry them with a microfiber cloth

Once you have removed your glasses from the warm water, use a fresh microfiber cloth to dry them. After that, let them air dry to ensure full drying. In addition to giving your glasses a thorough cleaning, this easy-to-follow method helps preserve their shine.

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2. Removing nose pads to clean them deeply

Wash your hands

To prevent transferring any oil or dirt from your hands to your glasses, it is essential to wash your hands before handling them. Thus, wash your hands with soap and water, then pat them dry.

Detach the nose pads

Remove the nose pads from your eyeglasses using a screwdriver in order to completely clean them. Now take some warm water, add a few drops of gentle hand soap, and thoroughly mix them. Then dip an earbud or soft toothbrush into the solution to clean the nose pads from all sides. Continue cleaning until you remove all traces of grease, dirt, or green grime.

But always avoid using a toothbrush to clean the lenses and frame of your glasses, as they are prone to scratches.

You may now clean it even more with alcohol wipes and even dip the detached nose pads in an alcohol solution for a minute or two. After that, remove them, give them a thorough rinse, and pat dry with a microfiber cloth.

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Attach them back

When they’re ready to reattach, gently screw them back securely. Now, clean the lenses and frame of the glasses with the microfiber once again, as handling them may cause them to become smudged.

However, you won’t take the nose pads off if they are attached to the spectacle frame. You must thus clean them just as they are.

This is all you need to know regarding how to clean the nose pads of eye glasses.

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End verdict:

The nose pads on your spectacles also need proper cleaning, just like the lens and frame. One way to clean them is to keep them attached. Or, clean them after detaching them. To put it briefly, if you’ve got less time, simply follow the technique of cleaning the nose pads while they are still attached. But when you have some spare time, clean the nose pads after removing them.

Either method works well for cleaning the nose pads on your glasses, both methods are quite simple.

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