Linda runs her own optical company in Arizona. Not only does she have eight years of expertise in this field, but her partner, an optometrist, has fifteen years as well. They are not just business associates but also close friends.

How To Clean The Nose Pads Of Eye Glasses

How to clean the nose pads of eye glasses

Since the glasses are worn daily, there’s a greater chance that they may become greasy and dirty. This means that glasses need proper cleaning. But while cleaning glasses, nose pads are often overlooked. So you need to learn how to clean the nose pads of your eye glasses, because that is where dirt accumulates the most. If you’re a regular …

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Polycarbonate vs High Index Lenses

Polycarbonate vs high index lenses

When you’re thinking of buying new glasses, you surely have the ideal frame in mind. But what about the kind of lenses you require this time around—polycarbonate or high-index lenses? The lenses you choose for your glasses have a significant impact on your visual ability. Thus, read about polycarbonate vs high-index lenses to determine which is more effective for you. …

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Why Do My New Glasses Make Me Feel Cross Eyed?

Why do my new glasses make me feel cross eyed?

When you use your new glasses, do you experience any discomfort, cross eyes, or double vision? It’s possible that your new spectacles are the cause of these symptoms. However, another question to put out is, “Why do my new glasses make me feel cross-eyed?”. This could be because your eyes need time to get used to the new prescription. So let’s read the post to find out the answer in detail, …

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Can Old Glasses Make You Dizzy?

Can old glasses make you dizzy?

You may experience headaches and dizziness after wearing old glasses for a while. And that’s why the question “Can old glasses make you dizzy?” is frequently asked. Let’s read this article to find out the answer! Can Old Glasses Make You Dizzy? Yes, old glasses can make you dizzy. Your outdated glasses may be the cause of any uncomfortable symptoms …

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Benefits Of Pink Tinted Glasses & Sunglasses

Benefits of Pink Tinted Glasses & Sunglasses

Not only do pink-tinted glasses & sunglasses look outstanding, but they also have some incredible benefits. So let’s get in there to learn those benefits! Pink is really trendy this year. Consider wearing pink-tinted glasses & sunglasses to make a statement. Come on, you know how much your choice of sunglasses or eyeglasses affects how you look. So let’s use …

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Flat Glasses Benefits

Flat glasses benefits

Although curved lenses have been in use for quite a while, flat lenses are becoming more popular these days. This may be a new term to you. Thus, educate yourself about flat glasses and the benefits they provide. Realizing how popular flat glasses are, it makes sense to learn about their benefits. After learning, you may then make an easy …

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What Eye Glasses Are In Style?

What eye glasses are in style?

Are you thinking about buying new glasses? Then why not get a stylish one? So “what eye glasses are in style in 2024?” is usually a great idea. Because, by changing your glasses, you can completely change your looks. I realize it can still be challenging, but we’ve selected a few of them for you to make it easy for …

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Sunglasses For Swimming

Sunglasses for swimming

There are certainly various types of swimming glasses, but do they offer UV protection? Do sunglasses exist specifically for swimming? Let’s talk about that so we can address all of your questions. Sunglasses block UV rays, but the types you need for swimming, water sports, and everyday wear are completely different. Let’s dive in to learn a bit about them! …

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Why Do Glasses Make My Eyes Look Smaller?

Why do glasses make my eyes look smaller?

Do you want to know why glasses make my eyes look smaller? That could be because of the kind of lenses you’re choosing and your prescription. In fact, there are a few key factors you should be aware of that might help your eyes appear larger. So let’s get right in and learn everything there is to know about this! …

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Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Dry Eyes?

Do blue light glasses help with dry eyes?

Are you tired of suffering from dry eyes and curious if blue light is the cause? And do blue light glasses help with dry eyes? We go into great detail to address your questions, so make sure to read all the way through! Do blue light glasses help with dry eyes? We rely on technology constantly for everything nowadays, including …

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